Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So.. we're literally down to the week before we head back to Utah. Can you believe it!? It has flown by. We've had fun here, as you've been exposed to over the past months. It's been exciting to explore a new place together for 3 whole months, a place where neither of us have been before. Also noteworthy; however, is we've had ample amounts of boredom, anxiety, & loneliness as well. The rain didn't lift our spirits very much, so that didn't help Seattle's cause for wanting us to come back. But we did have some good memories, that's for dang sure. And one thing is undeniable... the beauty of this place. The greenery is unreal. I wish I had taken pictures the first week we were here because before the rain killed all the flowers, there were gajillions! Flowers make me happy. Here are just a few to give an example of what I'm talking about.

These are from our complex and they are less than a third of the different kinds that live on this property! Unfortunately I didn't take my camera around until after so many of them had already bloomed and gone.. but anyway, they definitely brought joy to my soul every day that I walked outside, and every time I raised our blinds to enjoy the scenery.

I will miss the gorgeousness, but I can't believe I'm saying this... I'm SO EXCITED to go back to UTAH! AHHH! I miss my friends, I miss knowing where everything is, I miss the foodie places that I can only get in Utah (luckily I didn't fall in love with anything here that I'll miss), I miss our towels not smelling rancid after one use... yes I miss the dryness!, I miss the ridiculously hot summer, I miss trips to the Orem Target, I miss going to Emilie Jayne with Lauren and going to Gardner Village with Kels, I miss my $50-60 weekly groceries (this place rips you off with food I'll tell you what), my cheap gas and proximity to everything, and probably most of all, I miss having a place that feels like home. We've been in our little basement for over 2 years now, and it's amazing what life feels like when you don't feel like you're in a home. This place was so temporary, so disposable, so bland, so stinky and cold that it never felt like home.

Utah, this is the second time I've said this to you, but I want to say it again... you're not that bad & I'm excited for us to be reunited. For the record; your baby delivery rooms are oober stindgy, you have 1 too many mormons (I love them, I am one.. I just enjoy a little diversity), your winters are out of control, and you're missing an ocean (can't win my heart fully without one)... but you know what... I'll take ya. You've been good to our little family minus a few setbacks. So, friends?

T minus 1 week until our departure. Thanks Microsoft and Washington, we had a good time. (:


e and d said...

i can't believe my eyes!! you're missing UTAH? oh arica-- you sure make me laugh!! i can't wait for the post about missing Seattle. wiink wink. :)

JulieD said...

We love your little basement, too! It really does feel like home (even though it still looks like YOUR home). Thanks for letting us babysit it this summer! And (almost) welcome back to Utah!