Friday, July 30, 2010

Phone Call

My nephew is so awesome. And as you know, the cutest human on this planet. He's hilarious, has an amazing temperament, and his dimples make your face hurt from smiling so much back at him. Honestly there isn't a thing I wouldn't do to make that kid smile. When he talks about flowers aka 'fwowies', or my black truck aka 'back chuck!', or banana, or light (which is his favorite), or 'gooks' it makes my day...

So anyway, sister calls me today. Wrong. Beckett decided to call me today.. here's how it went.

Me: OH what up shmeeee? (I thought it was her naturally)
Ashley: Gabby yabby abby ABBY YABBY!! (he often yells when he's talking, haha)
Me: OH HI Beckett!
Beckett: Hangs up.

Best phone call ever. Made my day/weekend. Have a good one!


Kelsey and Riley said...

thats adorable. i love love love the name beckett. so cute!

Alex Monroe said...

I wish he called me and yelled abby! I love him.

Abby Monroe said...

Hahaha he probably meant to call me ;) Just kidding. He really is the cutest thing ever though. Love him to death!