Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spanish Vibe.

My sister is in Mexico on her honeymoon. Boggles my BRAIN. But I'm so happy for her. Her wedding was tender and beautiful and she really is madly in love. I was so glad to be with her the week before. It was such a good time.

Anyway, thinking of Mexico always brings so many different memories and images. Currently my mind trails to the times we've spent in a little private community known as Las Gaviotas. It's got one of the best northern Baja surf breaks, a pool, and a spa. What more can you ask for?! You rent (or buy if you're super awesome) their little attached homes that are usually so visually obviously Spanish in style it's incredible. One of things that comes to mind about these homes is usually very festive bathrooms covered in decorative ceramic tiles and even a colorful sink. I love that about Mexico. I would totally throw that style into a guest bathroom, or half bath just for my own bliss.

Possibly use this bathroom sink...

And maybe a tiling similar to any of these...

This tiling company is in San Diego, how appropriate. They know what's up when it comes to producing Mediterranean/Hispanic tiles, and they've definitely beautified various parts of the city that my heart belongs to.

Whatever I end up doing in the distant future with our home's bathrooms, this look is something that I consider fairly regularly. The look is chaos and harmony in one. I just love it. I love Mexico, and wouldn't mind incorporating a lil somethin to say, "I love you."

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