Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sir. Boost-a-lot

The man my man could surf like (have you seen the old spice commercials? you should, they're amazing) has his own range of gear now from Billabong, and I need to own some of it. I mean come on, people wear jerseys of their favorite players of their various sports of interest, how am I supposed to represent? I KNOW! With THIS waaay pimp Billabong TAJ watch, & shirt.

YESSSSS. Oh please, oh please! Isn't that watch sexy!? There are a couple of really sweet jackets too that I'd love to own. A couple of sweet things I'd love my man to own too. ...we could share. ha. If I had these, and some sweet VZ shades, I'd be set for sure.

PS. I wish he could just win a title already. Poor guy's made it so far so many times.. and he's in second place currently under his prodigy Jordy Smith.. so come on TB, make it happen cap'n.

PPS. Isn't that logo of his awesome? So rad.
...he's rad, just look at him shred.