Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunny days ahead.

Or so we hope! I'm getting pretty ghostly (which is a scary thing for me) and need to fix it pronto. My dad mentioned while skyping that Andrew and me were looking like the Cullens. HA. Last weekend we had sun and we took advantage by going to what they call a "beach" in these parts. It was more like - grass meets lake with a dock and 4 square feet of sand - but it was enjoyable none the less. (:

Hopefully we can get that kind of weather ALL WEEK/the rest of our stay LONG! This rain is starting to wear on us. Literally. It beat our tiny new lawn to death. Good news is that it was good for the flowers and tomato plant. They're thriving and growing awesomely. But anyway, rumor has it it should end VERY soon and the rest of summer is going to be GORGEOUS and full of exploring and sunshine. Sandals, shorts, and tees are my favorite thing! We've got a pool too and I want to use it BIG TIME. Can't wait.

I have an idea, YOU should come visit.

Think about it.


Erin said...

i want to skype with you!!!!

you hot either way chick, tan or white. i love it all :)

Kelsey and Riley said...

love your shades! and um, your whitest white is probably 5 times tanner then i ever get. curse of being a ginger.

joe said...

Andrew gets away from BYU and what does he do? Grows the facial hair. It makes me proud.