Monday, June 14, 2010

Snoqualmie Falls

A couple weekends ago Andrew, Bird, & I went to my cousin Melissa's house. Aunt Jan & Uncle Bob, & cousin Laini were visiting (extended family I don't get to see often), and so we had a brunch day with them. And I can hardly believe it but Birdie played, yes PLAYED, with their cat, Black Cat. Needless to say, it was a good time. They also happen to live close by and even closer to them is a huge waterfall! I mean, the thing is INTENSE! It was a rainy day (go figure) but it was beautiful & stunning, and thank you Melissa for taking us!

We'll have to go again when the spray isn't so intense to get a better look!
PS. Bird was wet, cold, and frightened beyond belief and it was pretty funny. My cute little 2nd niece Brooklyn wanted a picture with her. (:

Note: Bird does not like rain, which in addition to her fragile state above, made bathroom trips difficult for the first few weeks, haha. What a fart. We love her anyway. (:


Lindsay R said...

For a second, I saw the first picture and thought your husband was wearing a large floppy bow tie (which would be sorta strange) and then I realized it was your dog! haha... the waterfall looks amazing and you guys look great!

Michelle said...

Jealous you got to visit with the montaner cousins!... aunt jan is soon coming here though to visit her sweet new granddaughter...we will get to see her then :)

Kelsey and Riley said...

i LOVE snoqualmie falls!! soo so pretty. i'm so glad you're doing so many fun things and seeing so many pretty things!

Alex Monroe said...

Cuh! I am so excited to be an inhabitant of washington for the last half of this summer! With each of your posts, it gets better and better.
Also, chrissy promises that when I'm there, she'll take me to find forks. You should come with! :) Love you squiss!

Erin said...

andrew with birdie made me laugh out loud. hahahaha.