Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She's done it!

Stephenie said at her book signing - that I was so privileged to attend- that she was going to most likely write sub-stories from various characters in the "Twilight" world, and here's the first! Bree Tanner is one of the newborn vampires, and I'm pretty sure it'll be a good one. A quickie, but a goodie. You can pick it up, OR just read it ONLINE for FREEEE (until July 5th I believe) at Breetanner.com.

You're welcome. (:


Lacey said...

I seriously just got that book last night! I hope its good! I want to read it before Eclipse comes out! Let us know what you think when you finish it!

Kelsey and Riley said...

riley was gonna bring this home for me the other night! however i dont have time for fun reading right now :( it'll have to wait i suppose.