Wednesday, June 9, 2010


First, I thought I'd be kind enough to let you know that this is a spoiler free review.

Yes. Finished Bree Tanner. This should not surprise you. I often read my novels at a ridiculously fast pace. Unhealthy & unbalanced is the only way I know how to do it. That, coupled with the fact that it's been raining a lot lately, doesn't leave much room for outdoor exploring in this new town, so why not read? Tons? Anyway, it was good. The beginning freaked me out. I wasn't ever into Twilight for the vampire aspect, so if that was what it was going to be about, I was gonna bail. Luckily that's not how it was. It proved interesting, and I love how much it relates to the background story, aka.. Eclipse. Definitely a cool read to do before the movie comes out. It makes me wish I had the 3rd novel with me now to reread before the film. I'm curious to see it from the other side again now that I know the ins and outs from the other side! Oh and it also deserves mention that it was set in Seattle. So I felt like Bree was my neighbor. Or ate my neighbor. Maybe that's why we don't ever hear her.

Give it a go. It wont disappoint. It fits right into the other novels like I said, so it's pretty interesting. Although it is interesting to note that in all of Stephenie's books she always casts 2 leading male roles. ...curious. Boyfriend issues in college perhaps? Although the dynamic of these guys were different. The two guys weren't a 'competition for the girl' pair, so that was nice. Either way, she's awesome, and so are her stories.

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