Thursday, June 24, 2010


{photo via Decor8}

I want to make one of these side tables. I'm so serious right now it's insane. What a perfect coffee table/work area/night stand.. yada yada you can move it wherever you want and thus it BECOMES whatever you want! And if I were in a place that was more permanent than our 3 month residence, I'd do it right now.

I mean honestly all you need:
- Wood pallet
- 4 industrial wheels
- 48"x40" sheet of glass (this is where it can get crafty. pick your poison!)
- Screws
- And maybe some lacquer if you want to pimp your wood (this can also be a craft-tastic moment to let your individuality shine.)

Guys when I get back to Provo, this is a done deal.
I'm not even kidding you. I'm excited.

D-I-Y. Who's with me?


Francesca said...

If I had the talent...

Mindy Gledhill said...

Sweet! I can't wait to see how they turn out. This is an awesome idea.