Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Guys, this place is BEAUTIFUL.

I know I've said that before (I probably even texted you to tell you), but I have no problem telling you again. I mean honestly, Andrew and I can hardly believe the combination of places it reflects. It's got a splash of Oregon (naturally), Utah-like pine trees (only a bajillion times bigger, taller, and prettier!), greenery like you wouldn't believe (thanks rain), and even a dash of Hawaii (there are hibiscus bushes & tropical flowers EVERYWHERE). It's pretty rad. I mean it beats Utah by a LANDSLIDE, but in my mind doesn't really come close to San Diego. No palm trees, a bit nippy, no surfing, and no Beckett. Haha. All critiques aside, we like it here. It's nice. Andrew likes the skateparks, and working for Microsoft. They definitely treat you well, and have an atmosphere Andrew would have never expected in his line of work. So he's really enjoying himself and is pretty much stress FREEEE! (minus the minor stress felt currently from his personal computer crashing, sad day) But really, a stress free/non-busy Andrew is like.. UNHEARD OF in our little family, so we'll take it! (:

So what have we done? Well, before the dawn of the internet, and after the age of the unpacking, we planted a garden. It's pretty precious. I mean, there was a huge pile of cat poop (previous tenant was a cat lady, don't get me started), taco bell wrappers, a creepy cabinet, and nastiness galore outside (I kinda wish we had a before shot, but not really.. cuz it was gross). So we cleaned it up (our landlord should pay us), bought flowers, a grape tomato plant, a bird feeder, and even sod for Bird to have a place to potty nearby. And we love it. (: Ok, here you go.. I took pictures just for you...

Gardening with the boyfriend was so fun. I look forward to owning a home someday and getting to do it together even more! What a wonderful teaser this was, and hopefully it wont all die so we can enjoy some 'maters before we take off.
We also were able to go to a Seattle Sounders MLS game. My family is HUGE on soccer, and so I went with all of them in my heart. We (I) originally wanted to go to the Mariners/Padres game, but when these free tickets showed up, we couldn't say no, and are glad we didn't. It was pretty fun, even though they lost...

Moving on.

We spent the rest of the day in downtown Seattle which is much like downtown San Diego. SALTY/FISHY breeze (which I LOVE), tall buildings, a park full of bums... standard downtown stuff. It was cool. We walked a bit of boardwalk, and Andrew had a lap-nap on a bench in the sunshine. It was blissful to say the least. We look forward to going again soon, and taking Bird, because hers would love walking by the water with the other puppy dogs. Yes, we call her 'hers'.

So anyway, that's life.
I'm job hunting, and whatnot.
Bird is napping, eating, and whatnot.
And Andrew is video-gaming it up.
Thanks boyfriend for the amazing opportunity. (:

Blog at you later.


e and d said...

mmmm i love seattle! thanks for sharing the goodness! and your garden..... ehem!!! CUTEST/COOLEST thing ever!!!! I almost love gardening/landscaping as much as interior design! It looks AWESOME, and i love the bird-feeder too! mmm goodness, i will say it again! thanks for sharing!

ps. love the new blog header! cute and creative! :)

Erin said...

so cool!! i'm so glad you are liking it!

Ashley said...

header = awesome
garden = awesome-er!!!

p.s. right now beckett is crawling off into the hallway and onto his room with a book under one hand and laughing.

Rachel said...

I love your little garden. From one doggie mom to another: get bird some grass pills. Go to Petco. The pill changes the ph of the dog's pee so it won't kill the grass. That way you can enjoy your grass and not smell pee all the time.

hi, i'm brooke! said...

gardening calms me. i love what you've done with your cute space. especially the bird feeder. adorable! show pictures frequently of growth and such!

Ashley said...

I love your description of Seattle! It really IS beautiful here, and I love it so much! Almost as much as San Diego. :)
And you haven't even seen the good weather yet! It's been pretty cold lately, but it will get gorgeouser, I promise.
So cute that you planted a garden!

Lindsay R said...

Looks awesome! I love seattle! What a great place to be and there is so much to explore! Glad you're enjoying it there!

Kelsey and Riley said...

adore the garden. adore the new header. adore seattle. adore you! glad you guys are having such a wonderful experience :)

Lacey said...

So happy you're loving Washington. It looks gorgeous! And I must say I love the garden--especially that bird feeder.