Monday, March 22, 2010


..2 days left on the countdown until we leave for HOME!
I can hardly handle the anticipation!

Bird, Norman, Lauren & I will be on the road in no time. (:

[but, oh how I'll miss my lover]


Alex Monroe said...

I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! "My hips are locked up, anybody else?!!? Give me some of that cheese ball! oooohhhhhh myyyy goooooooshh!" :)

Joanna said...

How fun to go see the family. Enjoy the beautiful weather- its been great!

Michelle said...

Yahooooo!!!!!!! Are you gonna stop in St. george on Wed night and visit Ab? She's got some things to tell ya!

Francesca said...

Have fun, lucky duck! And btw, your little Twitter post had me dreaming about Transformers landing at my house the other night. haha

Kelsey and Riley said...

oh so jealous. hope you guys have a fun trip!