Saturday, March 20, 2010


So I've been having to pull up a TON of photos of architecture lately for a final project, and in so doing, who has better images than the notorious Frank Lloyd Wright. Who is this, you ask? None other than one of the most famous, phe-NOM-inal architects and designers of all time. A lot of people didn't like him, or didn't like working with him rather, because he was rumored to be a feisty one. But that's probably half the reason why I like him, the guy was a spitfire. I dig that. I also dig the fact that he made some CRAZY beautiful homes. He believed that no house should ever be 'on' a hill, they should be 'of' the hill. If you were to google his work, you would see that belief in a very literal sense. Do it, google Hollyhock House, Ennis Brown House, Robie House, Taliesin East, and just FLW in general. You'll probably be amazed.
Anyway, probably his most famous residential piece of all is nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania, and originally was built for the Kaufmann family. It is called Fallingwater, and you will see why. You might possibly have even seen a picture of this place and not even realized what it was, just simply admired its beauty and the fact that it appears to defy so many 'rules' when it comes to 'building'.
Check it for yourself. (:

Famous exterior angle shot.

Steps from living room directly to the river. Amazing.
{via Flickr}

Isn't she a beaut?
Oh, do you want to live in that house too? Move it to the beach you ask?

Frank Lloyd Wright is the man.
Or was rather.

Happy weekend. (:


Lacey said...

That is honestly my dream house. Love it!

Lissy said...

I've always loved him. Love that he designed the furniture to go with houses too, and lovely stained glass windows. His use of color and natural materials is amazing.

Francesca said...

So there's a street in Scottsdale named Frank Lloyd Wright. Now I know who he is!

Kelsey and Riley said...

love those photos! so awesome. way to be on collecting your binder pics! i wish i could get my computer back so i could print mine and actually work on the binder. i tried to be all studious and do it ahead of time and then my hard drive crashed. lame.