Friday, January 15, 2010

Lisman Studio

Hello friends!
So school has been AMAZING. Intense, very intense, but totally amazing. I can tell this is going to be a good and VERY VERY busy semester.
First things first, I wanted to tell you about my Color Theory teacher, LaMar Lisman.
He is a professional 24/7 and a professor 2 hours a week, just for us. (: And I can tell you already I am grateful he's there to teach us.
I've already learned about Tints & Shades of pure color (which means adding white or black to the truest form of the color will give you tints or shades OF that color), monochromatic & analogous color schemes, and so on.. I know this wonderful man has MANY more tricks and loads of information up his sleeve. (:
I can't wait.
School will be VERY taxing, however.. I am still in awe that the things we discuss are for the CLASS. Hello things I would LOVE to talk about even in my spare time! Love it.

PS. Here are some samples of work my professor has done with his very reputable firm up here.. to see more you can visit Lisman Studio.


Justin said...

So... your professor does some incredible work. I love the first picture of the living room. My favorite is the throw pillows on the couch and the green tiling on the fireplace. Pretty cool.

Michelle said...

This work is AMAZING. I am in awe of some of these rooms, beautiful!

Lissy said...

So awesome! I am so excited for you - that sounds like so much fun! I mean, I know it's work, but work to love! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Mindy Gledhill said...

Ooh la la! How fun. Hey, if you ever have to do a big project for school, Ryan has a big office in a historic building that needs an interior designer. :-)

Tisha said...

Beautiful!! I'm so stoked for you :)

Antonio León Marín said...

I love the second photo!
The best blog I ever seen (I start 3 days ago)

Martha said...

I just love LaMar! He has spoken to our interior design department several times and he is just so fun to listen to!