Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Back to School.."

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...back to school.."
..yeah, yeah.. you know the rest, Billy Madison, blah blah.. classic.
Right. Love it. Moving on.
Tomorrow equals day one of Arica's insane decision to go back to school, when she made an oath that she would never do such a thing so long as she lives. And let me just quickly list the emotions/inner feelings taking over at this very moment..
Nervous. Excited. Anxious. Bloated. Bipolar. Stoked. Worried. Stressed. Enduring the strange sensation of feeling like I have to pee, but really it's just in my head. Scared. Happy... and really really proud of my decisions and the gumption I mustered up to follow through with my feelings of a need for further education. (:
The list goes on, but you get the idea.
Is it silly that I'm stressing over things like.. having to ask which floor the library is on? Where the bathrooms are located? Am I in the right place, is this modern furnishings & architecture? Did I wear the right pants? I just feel like I'm stepping into such a foreign world. I did a trade school after high school, which offered 1 course at a time, and practically wiped your bum along the way. Now I'm being forced into the "real world" of college, where YOU are the sole person responsible for your knowledge of the surroundings as well as what will get YOU to graduation day. I'm sweating just thinking about it. Okay, not really.. but my nerves are probably doing crazy acrobatics inside.
The funny thing is that I know that it wont be that bad. In fact I've met a few people in the program who just rave about how awesome it's going to be. Really, I'm working myself up, and I know when it comes down to it I'll have MORE than enough time to do my assignments, commuting wont be that bad, and all my creative ambition wont go flying out the window on the way there.
I'm going to love it.. and honestly, I'm just oober excited for this new chapter in my life.
So it's time to kick it off with a "back to school, blessing." Oh how I love the priesthood and the comfort it can bring.
Well, see you on the other side my friends..
I'll keep you updated on this wild ride. (:


Francesca said...

Never fear asking questions. Everyone's had to. I've learned that people already in your program are more than happy to help and give their opinion!

Ashley said...

Good luck, Arica! You'll be awesome at it and I'm so excited for you to post on your blog about new things you're learning! I LOVE interior design too!

alexismunoadyer said...

congrats! school is where its at.
You will be fantastic!

Mindy Gledhill said...

Good luck Arica! I know how you feel!