Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tonight.. THE NIGHT!!
I think I might pee my pants in anticipation. Luckily I only have to wait till 8:45 to go and see it. See what? Are you kidding!? Oh you know....

AHH! It's going to be soooooo goood. I just KNOW it! (:

How'd I swindle an 8:45 showing, you ask? Well, people in Utah go CRAZY for cult films, and my friend's sister rented a theater. (: Why we get to see it early, I have no idea.. but I'm not complaining!

We'll chat about it tomorrow I'm sure..
Have fun trying to burn the day away until then!


**edited for review: Holy, wow! Well done. Go and see it. I can't wait to take Andrew. I hated the book, and loved the movie. LOVE IT. Bravo Summit Ent & director Chris Weitz. Enough said.

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Ashley said...

I was the same way. . . hated that book, but loved the movie! I even did a blog post about it. :) Did you switch over to team Jacob too? Or are you still Edward?