Friday, November 20, 2009

RSVP Straws

We use straws in this house. Okay, I use straws in this house. For smoothies, hot chocolate & chocolate milk, rooibos tea, and what not (drink connoisseur.. always)..
I hate that cruddy disposable ones from fast food places crack and break, and most have a tacky stripe or two running down the side.

How beautiful are these.. and COMPLETELY reusable friendly!?
Did anyone out there KNOW that these even existed? Not to mention I bet they keep your drink nice and cool on the way up!

I want a set.
Thanks, Santa. (;

PS. I have those glasses, so I think it's fate.
(However, I don't recommend purchasing the glasses shown above.. we've broken more than half of them in the most retarded ways, meaning.. they shouldn't have broken when they did)

{via Amazon}

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