Monday, November 23, 2009

Pick a Shade..

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I want to find a lipstick color that suits me..
HOW do I do it? How do I know what will work with my skin tone best? Do I have to try on every color that I think is a good candidate? Then again.. what if the color that looks best isn't one I would have even thought of.. I've never really delved into colored lips before, aside from a minor tinted lip gloss or two. So friends, what are your thoughts? Are you even down with actual lipstick? I love a girl that can pull off a solid red, but I don't think that's me.

Anyway.. maybe I'll try on every color we've got at work.. that might make a good start.

Have a lovely rest of your Monday!


Francesca said...

I LOVE lipstick, but I truly think it can make or break a woman. I'm not for the white-girl-with-bright-red-lips look, but if you're that bold...

Choose a daytime color (the tinted lip gloss you already have is fine, otherwise just something that brings a little brightness and color to your lips) and a nighttime color (something that stands out more without being obviously coated on like heck).

As for finding the right color, I do that silly trick of putting a line of it on my hand (if they have sample tubes) and it's worked for me most of the time. Other than that, it's just like picking out any type of makeup, so use whatever tricks you already have for choosing colors and undertones.

I hope some of this long jibberish was helpful!

ERin said...

i've been told to flip you bottom lips, like you are frowning and the color on the inside of your lip is the best color--to look most natural.

i'm not sure other wise. i'm such a space case when it comes to lipstick. it scares me.

Erin and Aaron said...

that was me. my google is being psycho!

Meg said...

I'm sort of in your same boat... wanting to wear lipstick but unsure how to begin. My friend told me about this line at target called Boots and the lipstick is No.7. It's a little high end for target but not bad ($10). Anyway, they have this sheer line that is so nice... I've bought two and love them both! Also, their stay perfect line is great, it glides right on, it's not all thick like other lipstick and I love the colors there too. I say try it out!