Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jewelry Armoire

So I have quite the collection of jewelry. I go in spurts of not really wearing any, to wearing way to much.. and I love it that way. (: So I have an armoire from Walmart and the style is kinda bleh (unless I were to repaint it, which would be a pain with so much detail work!), so I was perusing for no good reason (not like I can afford to buy a new one right about now).. and found THIS!! How convenient! And we could use a quality stand up mirror!... check it...

..someday. (:


Jen Carter said...

I have something very similar to this....sadly it is sitting in my old room in Moab. Very nice though!

Ash and Cars said...

air i have this! it is amazing but i bought mine at qvc
santa gave me this last year :)