Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Food Storage..

photo via Flickr

Or I guess you could call this.. "not going to the grocery store and eating what it was that you were PLANNING on storing." You following me? No? Okay, so here's what happened..
Our Bishop challenged our ward during our emergency preparedness month, to NOT go to the grocery store this week, and to live off of what we have.. as if there were a natural disaster at our doorstep THIS very instant! No eating out, no filling the fridge, and so on. The only thing we can do if we don't meet our needs, is call within the ward to depend on them. The good news.. we'll be able to make due!
The bad news, I do my weekly grocery shopping on MONDAY! So we were already thinning out in the fridge (hence the naked fridge example photo). At least nothing will go to waste I guess.. Also, Andrew is usually at school from 9am-9pm on any given day.. and he usually eats at least twice a day at the Cougar Eat.. so he's trying his best to pack what little we have. However, most things would need to be cooked, and he doesn't really have that option at school. So we're kind of in a pickle there. We DO however understand that if in fact there were REALLY an emergency, he wouldn't be in school, and could therefore eat at home during the day, so we're being a little flexible in that regard.
So now we are now at day 3 (or 4 if you count Sunday as day 1), and things are going just fine, minus the fact that what we were originally storing for a REAL emergency, is DEPLETING for a fake one! Now I know Bishop means well, and he's even shared that we will receive blessings for such a challenge, but now I'll have to spend more than twice as much on food NEXT week! Blah.. Let's just say at least I'm grateful that we have LOTS of toilet paper, and that my sister in law gave us a yam. We'll make it through, don't you fret.. but most of our canned goods are disappearing, and when the real emergency STRIKES.. well, hopefully we'll have it back to it's sad little amount (yes, it wasn't much to begin with).

Sigh, thanks Bishop.. seriously, I mean it. We're taking it seriously, and we hope it pays off in the end!


Merkley Jiating said...

That is such a cool challenge!

Stacie said...

thats really cool. I wish my bishop would challenge our ward to do that. I know i could do it on my own but its more fun when you know a lot of people are doing it too! Good luck. Hope you make it

Francesca said...

Wow! What an interesting challenge.

Mindy Gledhill said...

Just break in to that little closet in the laundry room. See what you can find.