Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

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Do you shop today? At 4/5am no less? See, I'm a sleep-o-holic and there's no way in heck you could get me out of bed that early for maham! But I've been wondering just out of curiosity.. is it really worth it? Is it so amazing that you wont see those kind of deals all month long? Hmm.. I'd still much rather sleep as long as possible. What are your thoughts on the craze?

Anyway, Thanksgiving was lovely, now I'm off to work at the mall in the hustle and bustle of today! Wooo!

Happy weekend, shopoholics! (:


Ashley Smith said...

jeremy did it last year, and i can say it was worth it because i haven't seen a tv as good as ours even as cheap this year...but this year we waited to go shopping till later and still scored on what we wanted to get. just depends i guess.

Brooke said...

this was my fourth year doing the crazy dash, and i love it! we started at 10pm this year at the carlsbad outlet mall, and ended up at old navy. we were done at 5am. CRAZY!

Lacey said...

I went shopping at about 9am and I got everything that I needed--plenty of deals still around! I only think its worth going at 5am or so if you're getting a really really really good deal like on a tv or other electronics or something.