Monday, October 5, 2009

This Week going to be a busy one! I start my new massage job today, and the rest of the week is catering, floral design, and chocolate fountain awesomeness! Oh how I love working for Missy McGrath as her assistant, she sure knows what she's doing.. and these weddings are getting quite the beautiful displays! I'm learning a lot, and if you ever want help with designing floral arrangements, or if you need to know how to put chocolate curls on a wedding cake, just let me know. (;

{photo via Flickr}


Michelle said...

take pics of what you design!! I wanna see.

brookebaby said...

Do you get to eat the chocolate curls?! If so, best job ever.

Ashley & Matthew Lisonbee said...

Hey if you go into the catering and floral stuff let us know and we can refer you to our brides.