Wednesday, September 30, 2009


For any of you who haven't had the privilege of watching Andrew paint in the computer, you're missing out! Everyone that's witnessed it is amazed at what the boy can do, and how he does it. Anyway, here's some proof. This is background artwork for a client's website, and it's going to be amazing!
Boyfriend's got talent.

I love you babe, you make me proud. (:
PS. I felt it only appropriate to share a chilly image with you on this nice autumn day full of dark skies and rain. Just lovely.


Ashley Smith said...

yikes...gonna have to pack the boy's warmest clothes today!

Francesca said...

Holy mackerol! That's amazing!

Ashley said...

That is so awesome! Wow, he is VERY talented! I kinda want to go live in that house. :)

Rachel said...

That looks amazing!

Brooke said...

That reminds me of something along the lines of Ice Age, only better!!