Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Rest Is History..

2 years ago (almost to the day).. we adopted Birdie.
We knew then and there she had to be a part of our little family (oh man it was hard at first), and it has already proven to be one of the best decisions we've ever made! ..yes, we're THOSE kind of dog people. (:

We love you. We fell in love with you the minute we pulled you out and let you embrace us with your tiny tongue and puppy breath. We went to check other dogs after, to make sure.. we're sorry about that. Leaving you hanging was not very nice, but we had to know you were the one for us! We almost brought Toby home from the shelter, and oh MAN are we glad we didn't ..he had 'lil terror' written all over him. You at times have been a terror, but your sweetness has always blown our anger over REAL quick. We love your nose darts, and your burrowing under blankets trying to escape your own bed, and the cutest begging habits we've ever seen, and so much more.
Thanks for letting us take you home.

Love, Me & 'daddy' (that's what we call him when we pick him up from school, she knows who he is.. it's just precious). (:

PS.. warning friends, these photos might have you feeling like you need to run out and adopt one RIGHT NOW.. so just do it. Haha, kidding, but she was the cutest puppy!


Erin and Aaron said...

oh my goodness!! that last picture! i LOVE IT!

i'm happy you got a little birdie!

Tisha said...

awww adorable what a little sweetie! ;)

Ashley & Matthew Lisonbee said...

Its your baby!. . .sooo cute. Happy birthday Birdie. Love you guys.

alexismunoadyer said...

oh they grow up so fast! sniff sniff