Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hawaiian Friends..

Yes, my island dwellers.. my sister Abby will be out there for the next ten days if your interested in watching a good game of soccer! She's notorious for not disappointing on the entertainment factor! Anyway, if you can make it to any of the games.. I'm sure she'd enjoy having a fan section (REALLY! ..even if she doesn't know you!). Below I have listed the games that will be played while they're out there, and sorry I don't have all of the game times. If you want to make it to the BYUH game, I'm sure you can find out what time it will be on campus! Anyway.. be sure to tell her I said hi if you make it out to any. (:

(Abby's a goal keeper, No. 21)

Go Dixie Red Storm!

10/17/2009 *Chaminade University Honolulu, HI

10/20/2009 *Brigham Young University - Hawaii Laie, HI

10/22/2009 *Hawaii Pacific University Kaneohe, HI

10/24/2009 *University of Hawaii at Hilo Vulcans Hilo, HI3:00 PM


sharon said...

haha..I went to BYUH, and I am in Dixie now and I know some of the girls in the pictures!!! Small world!

Erin and Aaron said...

i'm sooo there. i'll look up the times! YAH ABBY!

Anonymous said...

yayy!! we need fans erin!!!

Anonymous said...

p.s. that was me...abby hahah