Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blackberry... Watch?

Yep. Apparently James Bond style convenience will be available for all mankind in February of next year. Now I'm not a blackberry nut, I'm not any kind of a cell phone nut for that matter, but I think this is pretty nifty. My dad might get a kick out of it (he's pretty obsessed with watches AND his blackberry). It'll alert you via vibrate & alerts and offer a desktop to view texts, receive calls via bluetooth (which I think 'talking to yourself' is a funny thing, but I imagine it's convenient), and whatnot while having your phone elsewhere. Crazy. Check it out..

{via Unplugged}


Rachel said...

I think it would be better to answer your phone via blue tooth than talk with you wrist up to your ear:)

Francesca said...

Don't tell Justin or he'll never stop bugging me about getting him one! :0)