Saturday, October 31, 2009


*Read with British accent. Thanks.*

Yep. I've caught onto the trend 80 years later.. LOVING the books, and loving Halloween!
Had to dress up for work, and didn't you know? Hermione's gone blonde! ..just go with it. (;

Never mind the retarded posing, faux fat tummy from the button up shirt, and ridiculous facial expressions.. clearly, I am NOT America's Next Top Model.

My boyfriend would have made a near PERFECT Harry.. but homework keeps him indoors this Holiday. Such is our life.. maybe we'll dress up together NEXT year. (:

Happy Halloween!


Lacey said...

Your costume is so awesome! I love it!

The Stokes Family said...

oh you are so cute - i love it!

I was going to do Harry & Hermoine this year but didn't maybe next year :)

Francesca said...

LOVE it! You can pull of anything, Arica!

Francesca said...

I meant pull OFF. Oops.

Ashley & Matthew Lisonbee said...

wE missed you guys at our Halloween Party. I hope you got the message from Drew. I have lost your # because it was in my phone Beau destroyed. We love you guys. Come over and hang out somtime if you have time.
Luvs. Ash

Kristy Rohrer said...

I did the same thing with Harry Potter. Caught on a little late but, still love it.

Ashley Smith said...

um i love. good job.

Melody said...

you look great! love it! :)