Saturday, September 26, 2009


A few updates for you my friends..

First, the blog.. I mean COMMON, it's lookin snazzy!!
I was in need of an update, and I think this fits the bill!
I have Melanie Burk, and my talented husband Andrew to thank for that..
More on Melanie soon (I love you Mel, you're awesome!)..

Also, I was talking to my sister in law last night, and I had realized I left you all in the dark with my schooling decision! I solicited your advice and then didn't even share the results, how rude of me! So let me fill you in on what the plan is..
Yes, the urge was too strong to ignore, so I've decided to start on the path to BYU! Ahh!
That means, right now (this semester) I'm doing 2 independent study courses (generals), next semester I'll attend UVU (crazy, I'm enrolled!), and I plan to do spring/summer open enrollment at BYU, and HOPEFULLY *fingers crossed* with good enough grades and 30+ transferable credits, I'll be able to get in!
--That's the plan! We'll see how it goes, so as of late I've just been 'homeworking' away and have really loved learning again. It's been lovely, intense, but lovely!

Thirdly, our anniversary was simple and sweet. We didn't pull out all the stops this year, we ate out, acknowledged our love, shared our memories, and had a wonderful week. I say week because Tuesday (the actual day) was really busy for Andrew, so he 'surprised' me yesterday with flowers and a new bedspread! It's white! My favorite, and I absolutely adore it! I'll share photos soon..

So, 3 cheers all around for so many new things in life. Autumn is here, the blog is fresh, our bedding is new and precious, and schooling is now a part of my life.. crazy!

Have an awesome weekend, and let's wish the Cougars luck.. hopefully they'll perform a little better than last week!


Lacey said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the blog layout---the banner is adorable! And congrats on your decision--I think you'll be really glad you did it.

Joanna said...

Congrats on your Anniversary and your schooling adventure. I want news on Mel! She needs to update that blog of hers!!!

Rachel said...

hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! :)

Anonymous said...

oh i do love the new blog layout :) it's wonderful.

and i love that your anniversary was awesome :)

and i'm SO proud that you are going back to school! you are inspiring :)

<3 abby

p.s. we saw a guy walking his daschund this morning and he said it's name was 'grasshopper' hahah so funny

Francesca said...

Love the new blog design! Good luck with school.