Friday, September 25, 2009

Google Give!!

Attention, EVERYONE!
Remember that one time I told you about Andrew's idea he submitted to the Google project 10 to the 100? Google Give?? Well, turns out he got an email from Google saying part of his idea was used and is in the top 16 ideas to vote for!! THIS IS HUGE, FRIENDS! Please, please stop by HERE to vote..

Andrew's input is included under the idea titled:

Create real-time natural crisis tracking system

Please, go and vote!
Not only would this mean the world to my husband and I, it would help the WORLD!!

We love you.. and appreciate your support.
Thanks, and wish him luck! (:

Again, here's the link to vote.


Tanner and Alana said...

I voted!! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

voted! how cooooooollllll!! go andrew!!!
Love Erin.

(I was signed in under aarons, that is why i am anonymous....ha)

Joanna said...

done :) good luck andrew.

Kjrsten said...

I voted! :)