Monday, September 14, 2009

Terrible 2's

Turdling (Birdie), turned 2 yesterday!
Although this usually is an explosive age for humans, it definitely is an age of maturity for Bird.
We had a fun day, and made a rule for her behalf on her birthday.. we weren't allowed to say 'no' to her relentless adorable begging. So she got LOTS of treats all day long! Haha. Also, Auntie Abby was up to celebrate and to play with us for the weekend.. so I imagine it was one of the best birthdays she could EVER ask for!
It included..
Playtime in the park after dinner, dog cookies (literal cookies, I think even we could eat), chasing a cat!, playing with auntie Abby, getting a new collar, getting a new toy!, lots and lots of human food, & the birthday song. (:

Spoiled.. and that's how we like her! She's our babe, and she was hilarious all day. Note the ferociousness in her face above. Haha. Oh how we love her! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRDIE!


Ashley & Matthew Lisonbee said...

Happy Bday Birdie
Luv Ash

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me invade your guys' space :) that was the funnest weekend!


alexismunoadyer said...

poor roscoe still misses that duck. after all it was his first love.