Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Raining Sunshine

{photo via Flickr}

Today is refreshing. Literally.
The air is full of rain, hail, thunder, lightning, & sunshine? Yes, I don't know how they've pulled it off up there, but they're offering all types of weather at the same time. It's magical!
Fall is here, and I forgot how much I've missed my boots!
And with the temperament of the sky, it feels only appropriate to listen to a playlist full of Frou Frou, Fort Minor, Eve 6, The Fray, LL Cool J, Keane, & Eminem. Some might call my taste eclectic, and I would happily agree! Call it what you may, but it definitely works for today. (:

PS. Tomorrow I'm going into admissions.. wish me luck!

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