Saturday, September 5, 2009

Speaking Of..

YES! what better than to have a swing, INSIDE!?

Oh man, my brain is on overload with all the future ideas I have for our home. Andrew just keeps telling me "just you wait.. as soon as school is over, I'll have so much knowledge, I'll be able to buy you a house and you can decorate your heart out!"
--Now, I in now way am pressuring that venture, to be quite honest, I think paying rent is wonderful, and I love where we live.. so it's cute because this is just something a loving husband wants to do for his wife to make her happy. (: His own pressure. Sure, my constant posts & attempts at doing what we can in our apartment might add to it, but I've never said a word about getting a house. (: Oh... except for that ONE! He knows the one. There's one in Provo, that I just LOVE. A green house. I've told him if he bought it for me, we'd keep it all our lives, and rent it out when we're done here. That's the only pressure.. but I'm only half serious with that one. (:

Anyway, until then.. someday, my swings, someday..

PS. Happy weekend!

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alexismunoadyer said...

which green house is it?

Both dyer families live in green houses....