Monday, September 7, 2009

Hey, Baby Makers..

I've got quite a few friends cooking up some kiddos right now, and a couple of you have asked me to keep my eye out. Now, I'm not pregnant, but if I were.. I would head to Old Navy right now because they've got some goods for the fall if you ask me!


Rachel said...

So I know we have never met... but I had to send you this. Were good enough friends that I know you enjoy a good wiener dog. Enjoy. I thought it was adorable!

I am doing a wiener dog on one of my kid shirts so I was looking for something to draw.

jo said...

ahhh thanks girly! now will you just go get them all for me? ha ha just kidding...kindof;) email me your number

felonymelanie said...

perfect. I will take one in each color! I need to come visit you and give your lovely strainer back. I am converted.