Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'Clayboy put me on the Toitie'

If you ask me, we ALL deserve to have a throne like this. No, I'm not talking about the whole bathroom (because frankly this isn't my style), I'm simply referring to the literal toilet. Oh what a stylish choice! Guys, I KNOW you might be thinking.. 'What? No. It doesn't even mimic or try to shape to the contours of my behind! That would be awful.. what a terrible idea Arica.' But you are WRONG.. you know why? Because let's face it, toilets don't NEED to be all 'oh let me make you as comfortable as I can for the few moments you hover over my existence' Instead, let's have something that's stylish, and hides discreetly when you don't want it around.
...just think about it.
I'm sold. (:

{via LivingEtc}

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Francine S. said...

Hi Arica, this is Francine "Johnson"/Sanchez I met you in Kindergarten in Miss Bundy's class and came across your blog from Cheski's site. I love your style sense and it is so fun to read your blog.

This made me laugh out loud, however. Yes, I am def. one of those whiners in your blog, comfort and STYLE girl. I want a throne, lol. :)