Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunny Anderson,

If I had KNOWN you'd be stopping by, my post would have looked a lot more like this....

I think so.

I mean, her show is divine.. Cooking for Real just so happens to be where I got my love and lust for a glass door refrigerator! (true story, see this post) Not to mention, her creations usually make my mouth water, and make me feel as if I could make that insane dish from scratch.
Now if only my husband wasn't practically vegan, we'd be trying out a lot more of what she has to offer.

I love your stuff, Sunny. And if you want to come cook for us, we'd be ok with that. No, better yet.. I have a little sister (named Alex) who would KILL to have you bake with her. Her dream is to become a pastry chef, and she's already well on her way. If you had her in your kitchen, I think I'd be inducted into the hall of BEST SISTERS EVER. (:

Alright, so I can't tease you guys and not give you some of her goodness.. so here's one I plan to try out someday soon.

French Toast with Caramelized Pecans, Strawberries and Cream

Aka.. New Orleans style french toast. Yes, I have a thing for breakfast foods.

{recipe here, episode here}

We love you, Sunny. Hopefully you'll visit regularly. (:

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Sunny Anderson said...

arica, you know ... i was just in the neighborhood, due to my google alert, besides keeping me up to date on sunny weather and anderson(sp) windows, i sometimes get links to blogs and websites using my name. so nice to run into you here and love the blog. thanks so much for watching! really means plenty and i appreciate the support!