Monday, August 3, 2009

Jurassic Park

photo via IMDb

So I've been really craving the 1993, cutting edge, dino phenomenon lately (I worshiped this film growing up).. and so tonight I started to fulfill my hunger. I watched the first of the series after first watching the 'making of'. Man oh MAN did a lot of work and brand new technology go into that! Andrew and I were thoroughly impressed by ILM's first attempts at what would later become the staple for all visual effects, known as CGI. You and I know them as 3D special effects. Anyway, it was pretty impressive watching them incorporate some of the first ever 3D models (second to The Terminator). And not to mention, they're STILL some of the best that have ever been done! Good for them. Way to do it, and do it all the way.. and kick butt doing it. Anyway, I love the movies.. and so upon the planning of this post, and searching for images, I FOUND OUT THAT THERE WERE PLANS FOR A 4TH!!?! AM I THE ONLY HUMAN THAT DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS!?! Originally it was supposed to be released this year!! But upon the passing of Michael Crichton (the author of the novel series), the director has since tapered away from the idea and feels it's a long shot from happening. So who knows, maybe we'll see the final film, maybe not... but if it ever happens, I will be ONE HAPPY CAMPER! Here was their teaser poster..

Oh man, all I know is that in honor of the originator of these wonderful stories, I plan on reading them. Starting now. Father has them upstairs, and I plan on taking them back to Utah.

Thank you Michael for the wonderful & believable world of humans & dinosaurs.
May you rest in peace, and hopefully enjoy a ride on the back of a stegosaurus.

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brookebaby said...

I'm glad I didn't know that guys name was Laura. That would have made the movies less scary, somehow.