Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spa Gregories

Did I tell you? Andrew and I are in San Diego till the end of August! How could we refuse the amenities and lifestyle? Precisely, we couldn't. So here we are, living and working. Wait, I wasn't doing the latter, but I am now!

That's right.. I got a job at an AMAZING/OOBER LUXURIOUS/HUGE TO THE N'TH DEGREE! spa. Spa Gregories. It's new, and will open July 1st, and is 1 of 3 locations. It's in the heart of Del Mar, and will keep me down there more often while we're here (woohoo!). We have been training for some of the most DREAMY treatments, I just can't wait! So anyway, I've been all over the place trying to get my licensing in order (which having my NCBTMB already helps things move along like CRAZY).. and it's been pretty exciting. Can't you tell!? I'm super stoked, and can't wait to get started. Everyone is rad, and the owners are such heavenly and humble people.. I just can't wait to work for them!

So I guess what I'm sayin is, if you want a lavender/tangerine/honey body scrub with acompanying rain bar, or a hydra quench body wrap.. just let me know. (;


Mindy Gledhill said...

Um. I want those treatments when you move back into my basement.

Mindy Gledhill said...

If you ever decide to come back, that is.

Erin Hoy said...

Ummm... Yes please! :)

Jenni said...

that sounds amazing! congratulations on such a great job :)

Jess said...

ah!!!!!!!!!!!! so exciting!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!! maybe I will have to call you up sometime and come down! loves!