Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dr. Stool

This book happens to be Andrew's new favorite. He's run into it twice now, and dies of laughter every time he reminisces on the pages (he's pretty much addicted to potty humor).
You can purchase one here. It makes for an interesting bathroom read.
Thanks Greg & Nik for letting us check the book out from you guys. He's been thoroughly pleased. (:

--sorry if this post was slightly disturbing.--


Francesca said...

We saw this book at Barnes & Noble and DIED laughing so hard! (Yeah, we're immature and find potty humor funny.) Justin's favorite was Rambo poo.

Erin and Aaron said...

i've wanted this book for so long. in fact, i want to tear the pages out and frame them and put them in a bathroom.

Nikki Nielsen said...

hahah i'm glad he loves it as much as we do. everyone should enjoy this book at some point in their lives...and i think erin should be my friend. framing the pages for the bathroom!!! genius!

Jess said...

OH we soooooo have this book in our home! yays!!!

Janell said...

I've been searching for the perfect fathers day gift.... FOUND IT! Thanks!