Wednesday, May 20, 2009


You may or may not be aware that my mother has been sewing up a STORM! Like really, she's been practically unstoppable for the past 8 months (due to the first official grandbaby that's coming her way). Anyway, she's been making the most adorable 'Monsties' as we like to call them (the kid has so many.. one to match practically each outfit till he's 20 years old! ok.. maybe 18).. and I tell you this because THESE seahorses reminded me of them. I like seahorses, and I think they would make a darling selection for someone that is expecting a girl.
(Yes, Ashley. I know you do not like seahorses.)

{via Etsy}

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Michelle said...

Oh, SOOO cute. I especially love that the seahorse monstie has BABY MONSTIES!!! : )