Friday, March 13, 2009

Table For One?

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Yes. It's just me. Why is that so strange? Why have we decided as a society that if someone wants to sit down in a restaurant.. alone.. that it's really odd, nay.. depressing? I quite enjoy eating out by myself. Sometimes I wonder if those around me are constantly on edge waiting to see who meets me. Or if my server feels sorry for me because I don't have any friends who would join me. NOT THE CASE PEOPLE. I just enjoy a meal once in a while, in solidarity. Whenever Andrew & I are out, and we happen upon a man or someone sitting at a table alone, Andrew generally says something along the lines of.. "poor guy, let's invite him over." (ok, so the invitation is a bit of an exaggeration on most accounts. ..but I'm sure he's said it at least once). It's not a sad thing to do! Maybe I'm just strange. Maybe I am the only person in this world that enjoys once in a while, eating out without trying to get a story out inbetween every bite.
Oh well, I'll keep at it. If you see me alone, in a restaurant someday, don't be sad for me.
The end.

Is it really so strange??


Jess said...

Your da bomb girl! I love eating out alone and movies alone and such!

Rachel said...

NOT strange. Guess what I did for my birthday... worked out alone... went shopping for swim suit solo and went to lunch mi uno and read almost every section of the paper. LOVED it!

Merkley Jiating said...

I went and saw X-Men 3 in the theater alone and everyone thought I was crazy but I LOVED it. I have never enjoyed a movie as much as that. I wasn't worried about other people, I wasn't trying to come up with something smart to say at the end, and I didn't feel rushed. It's not my favorite movie of all time, but it was my most enjoyable movie watching experience.

So no. You are not weird.

Tiffany said...

I don't think that you are strange. I would love to break away and eat yummy food while reading my fav book. All I would need then is a bubble bath to complete it all!

shelly said...

Some of the happiest people on earth are those who are comfortable just being with themselves.

Anonymous said...

is That a fary tale?