Monday, March 16, 2009


The glory of our art piece.. :)
..when I say 'our', I'm referring to Brooke Schroeder & myself.

*Click to enlarge!*

The idea came from my radical friend, who is VERY creative.. and we just went to town. This is our front wall that appears to you right as you walk in our door. We were going for a feel of the leaves being blown past several windows, and we are pretty pleased with the end result. :)

It's charming, and suits the style of our humble abode.

Oh PS. Brooke is looking for more creative projects to do, so if your interested in commissioning her skills, just leave a comment on her blog.


Ashley Smith said...

very cool! me gusta! ...and i love the flower flyswatter, haha.

brookebaby said...

if this doesn't get me jobs, nothing will.

Anonymous said...

Very Artsy - Fartsy! Me likey. It'd be cool if you could make one of the frames a clock. I think you could get the guts of a clock pretty reasonable. No numbers or markings needed, just the two clock hands.