Thursday, March 12, 2009


Love it, or hate it??

I was on the fence yesterday. ..and I guess you could say that I still am. I had my first 'sushi' experience and actually really liked it. Some might say it wasn't real sushi, because everything was cooked in my rolls. Sushi or not, I liked it. I have yet to know if I enjoy the gnarly raw stuff, but until then, I'm in favor. Will I be one of those crazy obsessive humans and be like "LET'S GET SUSHI, I WANT IT NOW. IT'S THE COOL THING TO DO!"..? Of course not. It was decent. Tasty. Bearable.. and sort of strange. Regardless.. it went well.

Image found via Flickr
Your thoughts?
Hate it. Love it..?


Calee said...

Love, love, love.

I started off like you are now. Baby steps. Eventually you'll get used to the texture & start to really enjoy the taste :) PLUS it's a yummy way to feel full without the gross heavy feeling that sometimes accompanies eating out.

My favorites? Eel & salmon. Delicious!!

Ashley said...

I think you're right, you either love it or you hate it. My husband LOVES it, and I HATE it. He wishes I loved it though!