Monday, March 9, 2009


1. Work has still been very busy.. this is both good and bad. My paycheck likes it, but my body could really use a good bit of the work that I do for other people. Also, this may have a thing or two to do with the lackage of my posting.. who knows when I'll have MORE than enough spare time on my hands again.
2. We are caught up to the current season of LOST. Yes, when I say we, I'm referring to the fact that I got Andrew hooked because I watch them while he does homework. It makes for a good excuse for me to spend time with him while he's drawing in the office. ..oh and I'm not looking forward to being completely caught up. I have NO idea how I'll be able to handle watching only ONE episode at a time!
3. Question: Who DOESN'T LOVE COSTCO!? Is it, or is it not the most amazing place?? Oh man, I finally got a card, and will no longer to have bum a shopping trip from friends. It almost makes me feel like an adult. ..almost.
4. I'm almost 72% sure that I'm going to go to aesthetic school. ..and soon. Like, post summer soon. It's what I originally wanted to do right after massage school, and we're thinking now's the best time.. and I'm really craving it! So we will see, and we'll keep you updated on that..
5. My front room collage is almost done. I've never told you about it before, so that's why you might be confused right now. It's a little something that my friend Brooke Schroeder and I have whipped up that involves cutting LOTS and LOTS of maple leaves out of old story books, and the purchasing of pretty radical frames.. I'll share the finished result when it's done. I sure hope it pays off.
6. My husband is just now joining the realm of Facebook. I know, the web GURU himself, has finally succomed to the VERY thing he creates. PHP websites. Ha! Be his friend, he'd like that.
7. Old but good news.. my little sis Abby officially accepted an athletic/academic scholarship to Dixie State! Woohooo! She's such an animal, this girl is going to KICK BUTT & SOCCER BALLS in college. Roadtrips?? ...yes, and PLENTY of them.

Welp, that should wrap it up for now..

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alexismunoadyer said...

yay abby!!!! i can't wait to see your creation! and lets play soon, i think our andrews would like each other.