Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh, please Candice!

I have this thing with HGTV. And one of my very favorite designers is Candice Olson. She's magical. It's no wonder why her show is called Divine Design. Anyway, she has made some of the most heavenly bathroom makeovers I've ever seen.. and this is one of them..
I sometimes debate moving to Canada just so she can have her way with our home..
Maybe just once will you come to the states in our behalf Candice..??


Allison said...

I love Candice too! That bathroom is definitely divine.
I always peek at (secretly stalk) your blog via Chris' and you post some of the cutest stuff. Thanks for sharing your inspirations!

Heather Lee said...

is she really in Canada??? That explains the strange accent. I love HGTV as well, I really like house hunters for some reason...only when they have a big budget though =)