Thursday, February 5, 2009


Things you most likely NEVER knew about yours truly, that is.
What brought this post on was my lengthy sifting through all of my digital photos that I have on this laptop of mine, and I fell upon QUITE a few good memories and have decided to share a few totally random ones with you..


I am of Native American decent..

I went to prom my senior year in THIS!.. :)
I've gone to lunch at In-N-Out with Will Smith & some friends..
I've won an Oscar ...of sorts.
I've been to a Monster Truck Rally.
I used to have a hammock above my bed.
I've flown in a helicopter ..out of my roomie's GARAGE none the less!
I've hand fed sing rays some gooey squid..

I've been to the CITY OF ATLANTIS ..twice. :)
(and I aint tellin ya where it is...)
I've been on a cruise with THESE fine citizens.
Well, there you have it. Some of the Adventures of Arica Malace (pronounced muh-lace).


The Clingo Family said...

i think that is the FUNNIEST picture of you on the cruise on the phone with all those funny looking people! ESPECIALLY the lady in the red!! LOL!

Kyle & Rebecca Monson said...

HAHAHA. This was way cute! I haven't looked at those "Oscar" award pictures in forever! Great times!

Ashley Lisonbee said...

I really love the last pic. . . SOOOOOOOOO great. Do you guys want to come to Whitney's homecoming?

Nikki Nielsen said...

i love that you had a hammock over your bed. i dream of a hammock one day. love those things.

Francesca said...

Believe it or not, I want to go to a Monster Truck Rally! And the hammock idea was awesome.