Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, Andrew has been quite the busy bee lately (go figure right? ..he's such a hard worker!). He has been building the BYU animation program's internship website. Not only did he build the website, but he had to upload ALL of the student's portfolio's and animation reels TO the website. All of this is for the main companies, like Dream Works & Pixar, to be able to have easy & quick access to all of the student's work to see who their interested in taking for their summer internships.
Now the plan was ORIGINALLY for andrew to follow suit, but we have recently decided that it would be in our best interest to stay put for the summer. He IS technically only a sophomore/junior in the program, which would give us the FOLLOWING summer to do an internship if we so choose. Which is sounding like a MUCH better option at this point.
He has learned SOOO much, and is already a Go-To guy for SO many people in the program (even seniors have asked for help!), but we have decided that he would be able to grow leaps and bounds MORE of we stay for the spring semester to get even further ahead.

So another year, another summer dear Dream Works. You'll have more time to salivate over Andrew's potential, and can battle out with other companies of who wants to take him. :)



Christy said...

My cousin graduated from BYU in the same program and is now working at Pixar, loving every minute of it. That's awesome that Andrew is doing so well!

Ashley Lisonbee said...

Great Job. Are you okay staying another year? I am so excited for you guys. I hope all your dreams come true. Lets get together.
Luvs, Ashley