Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Okay, so when I showed you my future kitchen, I forgot to show you my future FRIDGE! Haha, oh silly me. Anyway, I WILL have a glass door fridge, and this one's probably my favorite.
And you know, I'm neat freak enough to keep my fridge well organized anyway, so don't you worry.. everything will be displayed tidily and colorfully.
Oh sub-zero, what a divine creation. I can hardly wait to peruse your shelves!
..I'm such a weirdie. :)


The Clingo Family said...

ha! i thought this post was going to be about sub-zero the ice cream place! lol.

Anonymous said...

saves energy too!

good work roger!


Anonymous said...

...i guess i should explain

...cause you don't have to open up the door to look for food you want all the time. i know that occurs often enough to be an energy problem in this home anyways.


Anonymous said...

Love the kitchen. I just don't know if i'd have the time to deal with how the fridge always looks good and organized inside. It is a beautiful atmosphere. . . I could go for it. I mostly love all the light.
Lets hang out:)