Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Since I'm on this 'future home' rampage, I've decided to continue. Haha. Now many of you may have recognized that I have quite the obsession with birds & their cages. I've never owned one (Ash did once, his name was Pepsi), but plan on it when we have a home someday. I'm a big fan of finches and the large color variety that comes with them! Anyway, I've decided to go big when the time comes, and to get/build them a large glass enclosure to be sort of a foyer centerpiece. Much like the ones you see them in when you walk into the pet store. The glass would give it a fabulous look, and serve as a nice 'bird smell' buffer. I was unable to find good examples for you to view, but the inspiration of this all came from a home that Ty built on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 2 weeks ago. They put a built in aviary in the home for the mother, and it totally won me over.
..anyway, another entry for my 'someday' pile. I can't wait until I can delve into all these dreamy plans!
artwork found here


brookebaby said...

I HAVE WANTED THE SAME THING FOR MY OWN FUTURE HOME! We really should be friends. I work and go to school but have a surprising amount of free time. Whereabouts do you live? I'm in carriage cove. holler.

shelly said...

I LOVE aviaries! We once had finches when my kids were little. I bought the little nest, and it was so exciting for the kids to see the tiny little bird eggs appear, see the wonder of them hatching, and then the parents taking care of the little chicks. I highly recommend it! Be prepared for a mess though!