Saturday, December 13, 2008

Opposites Attract

I have found this to be true. Andrew and I seem to be POLAR opposites in SO many ways, but that's why we LOVE each other. It definitely will lead to a full and fun life (it has so far). Differences & Similarities. We definitely have quite a few of both, so here they are..
FOOD- Oh my goodness, do we eat different or do we eat DIFFERENT?! Andrew had the privilege to grow up in a very healthy home. So healthy that his father saves lives for a living based on nutrition and diet. It's a wonderful thing, but VERY VERY hard to adapt to. I've tried to apply some basic principles of theirs, but have found that I think it would take something drastic to get me to stop eating my dairy and such. :/ What can't he eat, you wonder? ..well no sugar (he can handle fruit), no meat, and NO dairy. One may consider this vegan.. and it's close, but not exact. It'll be interesting to see how our children grow up, and what we find works best for the kids.
HUMOR- Although we BOTH have great senses of humor (and this could somewhat be considered a similarity), they can at times be on totally opposite ends of the spectrum. Andrew (believe it or not) is somewhat addicted to potty humor. If you throw a poop or fart joke his way, he will crack up for hours. I on the other hand, find humor in things that most likely weren't meant to be hilarious. It's just how I was raised, my sisters and I have this curse to quote things that aren't even supposed to be funny, and yet we get such a RISE out of it! Andrew has yet to understand the things we find so hysterical.
TIME OF DAY- Oh man, I am SUCH a TOTAL night owl, and he is definitely an early bird. :) Right now though, he's been forced to be on my schedule (with his INSANE school/work schedule) ..and it's pretty brutal, soon enough he'll be able to switch back. 1 more week!
ORGANIZATION- "messy, messy, messy!" -Frosty the Snowman. Haha, oh Andrew. Basically you know it's bad when old companions have asked you if he's still all over the place. Lucky for him, I am practically addicted to keeping a tidy house, so I follow him around all day.. grabbing the deoterant from the kitchen and putting it back in the bathroom. Etcetera.. :)

BOARDING- This COULD be counted as a difference, but we're more similar in this aspect I think. Although he chooses wheels & concrete, and I choose fins & water.. we both are passionate and LOVE being in the 'boarding' element. Thank goodness to Fuel TV, we both can enjoy one another's passions. :) He enjoys watching myself & others surf, and I enjoy watching him & others skateboard.
PHP- I use PHP websites, and he builds them! The good ol' internet keeps us close.
CREATIVITY- Although his is much better than mine, and his talent is very easily seen.. I also have a nack for creativity. My mother has always gotten upset with me for not getting into the scrapbook room with her more often. When it comes to 'layouts' of every kind.. I tend to have an eye. I am constantly told by those who enter our dinky basement apartment that I should be an interior designer. I'm flattered.. :) & I love that my husband is so gifted with artwork.
DEDICATION- We're both all about giving it our all.. and it urks us both when we can't dedicate ourselves fully to the task at hand.
WARMTH- Creatures of comfort. He NEEDS heat, and I tend to be his furnace. Neither of us like the cold, so WHY do we live in Utah?? ..blast BYU! Although, I must admit, the summers are SO nice here!
MUSIC- We both love a good beat & rythm. In fact that's ALL Drew cares about.. clean, crisp, soul filled music (of any genre). I do also love lyrics VERY much, which opens my taste to a much wider category than his.. because I can listen to things NOT for the music itself, but only for the lyrics.. and he could care less about what they're saying. Ha.

Well, there you have it! More alike than different? ..or more different than alike? It seems that a lot of things could go either way, which brings nice diversity to the table & yet keeps us close. :)

Chrissy, Heather, Nikki, Ash, Abby, & Tiffany..
What are your differences/similarities with your hubbs-and?

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jo said...

I love this post! It was really fun to see you the other night. I am so excited that you are going to be a mama! When life slows a bit for Andrew and I've adjusted to my upcoming sleepless nights, lets get together!