Friday, December 12, 2008


Ok, so I will have you know I am really feeling awesome these days. Like seriously, if pregnancy continues like it has this last week.. I can TOTALLY do this. :) Anyway, besides feeling extra-well, from the get go I have been having the most intense, vivid, real, & bizarre dreams of my life. They're not about babies (well, not usually).. they're about everything else you can IMAGINE. From flying dance competitions, to ex-boyfriends, to vacations gone a-wall. Strangness indeed. To give you a sample, two of those just metioned, actually happened just last night. So here they are (with as much detail as I can now remember.. the remembrance sure fades fast!)..

Dream #1. Flying Game of 'Tag You're It'
First, you might want to understand that 'flying' in dreams is not new to me. I actually fly in dreams quite often (all growing up this has happened). And the coolest part is, that it's totally believable and I swear I can practically feel what it feels like while I'm sleeping. (strange?.. most likely).
Alright, so I am traveling throughout San Diego. My mother had set up some sort of a HUGE game of 'tag' with a one-on-one of all sorts of people. I would show up at one venue, play tag (we're both trying to tag eachother).. then move onto the next venue to do the same. But you see, I have this huge secret advantage, ..I have the ability to fly around the room to stay out of their way. So first up, I battled my cousin Katie (she actually won!). Then I went to some huge fancy resturaunt that was all cleared out and full of people. I was like whaa? ..why are there so many people here for this one? And then out she comes.. TINA TURNER. Hahahahaa. I was like, oh crap.. she's a dancing queen and I'm SURE she's got some tricks up her sleeve. Sure enough, she had sticky boots and could climb on the cealing. It was intense. Of course my flying ability seemed to shock everyone.. but her boots were almost as shocking. Anyway, I never found out who won that battle.. dang waking up. So that's the end of that one. Haha. Not so exciting, but weird non the less. And the weirdest thing is I feel like I seriously know how to fly, because I make it happen in these dreams. ..I'm such a weirdie.

Anywho.. moving on.
Dream #2- The Scorpion Bay trip gone TERRIBLE
Note: A special guest appearance in this one by Lindsay Rondo's husband Cameron and their future baby (I know Lindsay, TOTALLY random! I haven't even MET your husband! Nor are you pregnant. Haha).
Alright, so let's pretend my truck (The Black Pearl) holds 7 people. Because in the truck was myself, Ashley, Jeremy, Abby, Dad, & Cameron, who was holding the child of theirs. We were all making our way down to Scorpion Bay together in the Pearl. On our way down there were some breath taking cliffs that we had to drive around that were right on the ocean's edge (these don't really exist on the way down). So as we're making our way around these winding curves that seem to be 200 feet above the ocean, dad decides to play with the baby. Warning, this isn't such a good idea because dad is DRIVING! We make our way down this straight part in the road, only to come to a very sharp left bend. Dad turns his head quickly, snaps the wheel hard to the left, only to find his reaction a hair too late. The rear right wheel catches the dirt and slips off the side of the cliff (no safety rails?? yeah, this is Mexico remember). The truck is going TOO fast to correct the problem, and before we know it, ALL four tires had fallen off the road. We had driven off the cliff making our way into the OCEAN. Holy crap.. the 200 foot fall was in total slow motion, everyone opened the doors to get ready to jump out at just the right time. Cameron had to come up with a way to brace the baby and then when he jumped he had to launch said child into the air so that when he shot out of the water, it would be just in time to catch his baby. Meanwhile, I'm furious and emotional because this is my TRUCK and I'm still TOTALLY pregnant at this moment (Ash too).. so we just had to brace ourselves as best we could. ..BAM! We all landed so harshly in the cold water. Completely knocked our breath away. The lucky part is.. we ALL came up alive and fine. Baby took a quick swim (but it worked out fine because babies swim in the womb for 9 months, (s)he could handle a quick minute under there). Somehow, we found a way up the mountain. So we swam over and walked up the edge. All the while, I watch my precious truck nearly sinking. I was a mess. This was such a big deal to me (thinking about it while AWAKE, has me laughing at how worked up I was over my car).
..Once we get to the top, we find some desert campgrounds that we shower off at, and have to stay the night at. The next morning dad, Abby, & I would take an inner tube and float North to find where the car had drifted too (for some reason Pearl didn't sink.. maybe she really IS the Black Pearl). Even so, I was totally scared, and DIDN'T want to do it. Apparently in my dream, this stretch of the ocean was shark infested and I was SURE that we would get eaten on our way.
....Did we? I guess I'll never know. That was the end of that. But what I DO know is that I woke up TOTALLY exhausted and emotional from all of this. Haha. I was SOOO relieved to find out that I was yet again DREAMING. What a nightmare.

Why did I have these dreams? Well the first one, I have NO clue. The second one could be a combination of things. For whatever reason, I was thinking about Scorpion Bay this morning when I woke Andrew up for work, and so when I fell asleep I'm SURE that's why I dreamt about it. And Cameron Rondo & falling off a cliff? Possibly because they live in Hawaii, and Hawaii is totally flooded right now, and I found that out last night. Lots of water, Hawaii dwellers... the connection is a definite possiblity. ...curious.

I can definitely say this though, my nights have been TOTALLY entertaining!

The end.


Holman Family said...

I had the weirdest most enertaining dreams when I was pregnant too!:)I'm glad I'm not the only

Cameron and Lindsay Rondo said...

haha!! This is hilarious!! As I was reading this I was thinking, "She has to be exhausted after this dream" and sure enough you were.
I'm glad Cameron could have the guest appearance! That's so funny. And a baby? You couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl? Well, that must have been sometime in the far future because there's no baby here. :)
I'm extremely impressed with Cameron's brace! Launching babies... haha...
Please have more of these dreams, i love 'em.
That's great that's the only side effect from being pregnant!

Ashley said...

I definitely have crazy dreams too when I'm pregnant! And most aren't about babies at all, although I DID dream once that I gave birth to a litter of kittens instead of a baby and everyone thought it was normal. :) Lots of my dreams when I'm pregnant are about swimming with whales or other ocean animals, traveling to strange places, and past boyfriends. It's so strange!

brookebaby said...

I'm the queen of random dreams, and I'm not even pregnant. Sounds like I have some crazy nights to look forward to...

p.s. someone made me a beaver bra and doorbell ditched it at our house. NOT KIDDING.