Thursday, December 4, 2008

I know, I know..

I already did one of these. But ACTUALLY this is one that my mother in law did with the many faces of Drew.. you'll see what I mean. When we saw this we practically peed our pants! Oh my boyfriend, he can be SO handsome! Haha.
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Eric Monroe said...

Very very silly indeed.

YoungpHorever said...


Loved seeing Andrew's FUNNYfaces again!!!

Go to our blog:
to see a new elf dance I made with all us girls..YOU,ME,ASH,&BEAU!
SO DANG CUTE!...DARN! shoulda put Birdie in..(my brown-eyed grandaughter...sorry didn't have her picture)
love you and Drew!
and Birdiebaby too

Mama FiammaXO

YoungpHorever said...

Hey Kitten... sorry

our blog is YoungpHorevermore.blogspot... sorry
maybe you already have it marked


seanrpeters said...
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Abby said...

haha so funny